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You’re half way! Let’s take a moment to just stand still and look back at our journey thus far…

It seems almost impertinent to call it ‘our journey’, if you, like me, are living in the relative comforts of the modern Western world. I think our brothers and sisters in other much more trying parts of the world will connect with this journey even more. And yet, it is ‘our’ journey, for all who are His true disciples because those who have suffered in times past have willingly done so that we might reap the benefits in our time. Blood is the currency of heaven and things of eternal value have been purchased for us along the way.

We’ll see in the following chapters a reiteration of the oppression, suppression and all out persecution of simple, faithful followers of the Lamb. BUT… we will also see that scene turn slowly but surely to the judgements upon the religious beast just as they came upon the imperial beast. ALL enemies of Christ WILL be made His foot-stall. AND… we will see the irrepressible Spirit and Light that flowed from the past witnesses into and out from the reformation, which have gained in momentum unto this day. The light will be getting brighter!


We hope you are enjoying the overview.

We will, over time, be adding more detail, commentary and references in these sections.

Thank you!


  • 254-1514 – Bishop of Rome declared successor of Peter to the birthing of the Reformation.
  • 533 – 1793 – Bishop of Rome declared head of all churches (with political power) to French Revolution when powers revoked.
  • 538-1798 – Seige of Rome abandoned (allowing Papal rule) to imprisonment of Pope by Napoleon.
  • 606-1866 – Phocus decrees Bishop of Rome to be head of all Christendom to stripping of temporal power/lands.
  • 800-2060 – Crowning of Charlemagne as Holy Roman Emperor to… ? (as Noted by Sir Isaac Newton).
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