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The beginning of chapter 22 continues the description of the new paradise of God from the previous chapter. A river is flowing, the tree of life is fruiting abundantly, there is eternal health and happiness for the people of the new world. Just as Jesus promised, the meek shall inherit the earth – and they shall enjoy it in the presence of God and of The Lamb for ever.

The summation of the book gives us both promises and warnings. Do not add or detract from the divinely inspired revelation. When Jesus comes it shall be quickly. He will bring rewards with Him to add to the joy of those who wait patiently for him. There is promise of blessing to those who just read the words of this prophecy and even at this late stage in the book there is a reminder that God is calling people and inviting them to take part in the new world to come. The Spirit and the bride say come, and let him that is thirsty come!

You’ve reached the end of The Omega Path. We will add a final summary soon, along with additional materials at the foot of each section and, in time, many other resources. The Lord bless you as you look for, hope for and wait patiently for His coming. May it be soon. AMEN!

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